About Us

take a seat by the fire

The outdoors is hardwired into our DNA.  

We are not just a car care company. We are not just outdoor enthusiasts. We are creators, innovators, and builders.  We strive to help like-minded adventurers like you and me get from one destination to the next by protecting their beloved vehicle's seats and interiors.

We love to explore our beautiful planet.  We know you do too.  That’s why we started this company in rainy Vancouver, BC, Canada.  The story starts early one Sunday morning in fall of 2015 while shuttling mountain bikes to the top of misty North Shore Mountains.  

On our second lap we were already soaked to the bone.  

The rain was tipping down.  The only thing keeping us going was the adrenaline dump we were expecting at the top and the coffee waiting for us at the bottom.  The shuttle vehicle was getting soaked and covered in North Shore mud despite our best efforts to sit on our sopping wet, cold, inside-out jackets.

We could have used plastic bags, but what a waste. With the amount of water we were sloshing into the vehicle it would be a tremendous effort to keep it from spilling off as soon as we stood up.  We could use towels, but we all know they would soak through after a simple lap or two.  The car seats would often become soaked and need a day to dry out after an excursion.

We needed a solution.

After some careful calculation, advanced arithmetic, black magic, and a couple local craft brews, Mudbutts was born. A water-absorbent vehicle seat cover with a waterproof barrier, designed to hold up to the rigors of mountain life.  It can take the abuse of mountain biking, backpacking, carrying wood, sap-riddled pants, sawdust, blood, sweat, grease, and mud.  No longer will you have to wait for your vehicle to dry out after a rip through the woods.  

You get what you pay for.

An old friend used to tell me;  "Man, you're too poor to be cheap.  Invest in things you will use often and they will take care of you."  With that in mind, we have created a high quality and extremely durable vehicle seat cover that you can count on.  And guess what?  It is made here in our back yard; Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Rain or shine, you'll find us in the woods.

We stand behind our product.  Don't be afraid to get dirty, we've got you (and your car) covered.

riding through woods