6 Non-Bike-Related Gifts For The Wet & Muddy Mountain Biker In Your Life!


You’re related in some way to a soggy, smiling, tired and happy mountain biker. Or, you ARE said mountain biker, and are looking for gift ideas to share with your friends so they know what they could surprise you with for a holiday or birthday. 

Generally, gifting someone who is a Mountain Biker can be really difficult to purchase gifts for- often, bike-related things we need are highly specific & technical, so shopping trying to get something a cyclist needs that is bike-specific is a crap-shoot at best, and downright unusable at worst.

Use this gift guide to find something that may make your mountain biker's life easier or more fun, while still being something that you or they haven't thought of themselves.  Here is a short list we’ve put together that may make gift shopping a bit more exciting:

1. Shoe Dryer 

A shoe dryer makes this list because here in the Pacific Northwest you can count on your shoes getting soaked most rides anywhere from September to March. The monsoon-like downpours we get in the Sea to Sky ensure that you won't have dry gear unless you take the proper precautions. One such precaution is drying your shoes after every ride. This is our first suggestion on our list because it honestly can make the biggest difference to the average rider. Dry shoes can be the difference between enjoying an afternoon ride and deciding not to ride at all.


2. Portable Bike Wash Kit

A portable bike wash kit is something that you can stow in the back of a car and used to rinse off a bike that might have to be brought upstairs and put into an apartment post-ride. Something light that can be easily filled and isn't finicky is paramount. Don't go for the cheapest item here because a broken system means that it just ends up in the landfill oh, and we all know that mountain bikers aren't necessarily easy on their gear. Expect to spend between 40 and $150 on a portable solution. Bike wash solution never goes amiss either! Dawn dishwashing liquid works well in a pinch, but Muc-off bike wash is always a favourite.


3. Mudbutts Vehicle Seat Cover

At only $59.99 CAD, a Mudbutts Vehicle Seat Cover does a great job of keeping the interior of your vehicle mud-free for your trips off the mountain. Designed to sit in your trunk or back seat until needed, the Mudbutt opens and covers your car seat in just a few seconds. 

It is:

  • Waterproof and water-absorbent
  • Anti-Microbial
  • A perfect ground-throw to change on
  • Designed in Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Extremely durable seat covers designed to stand the test of time. 

We use them all the time, and as biased as we may be, they do come in super, super handy when it starts to get sloppy out there.  

Click below to be taken to the product page for more information:

Mudbutts CTA






4. Waterproof Latex Gloves

This is an interesting one on that list courtesy of a friend of mine. He would race downhill all winter, practicing with shuttle rides, which leads to a lot of very wet hands and very cold fingers. A life hack that he showed me was to wear surgical gloves on top of your riding gloves. This lets you keep your hands from getting too cold in the winter as it cuts wind and keeps your gloves dry. Think of this as the ghetto winter glove, something that you can easily throw in your backpack and keep there while riding all day as it doesn't weigh anything. When you really do need them, you'll be very happy that you have a pair at the bottom of your bag. Often overlooked, but extremely valuable in the right conditions. This may not be a full gift, but a thoughtful one that can be thrown into a stocking and shows that you care.



Flask & Whiskey (for those who drink)

I distinctly remember rides in wintry weather where a small flask of Fireball is passed around (pre-covid!). A little flask can raise the spirits when doing a long adventure sport, so why not gift one to your significant other or friend? Little gifts like this go a long way towards a memorable & successful wintery outing.


6. Subscription to Trailforks Pro

Trailforks Pro


Trailforks is a wonderfully detailed trail app for the runner, mountain biker, and hiker alike.  It shows detailed maps for your sport, along with trail conditions from folks that have reported in.  This year, they moved to a subscription model for their app, billed annually for a reasonable at $35.99 CAD.  This app has helped a lot of folks (me included) get off of mountains when I’ve gotten lost, and makes for a very convenient way to work your way around a convoluted trail system if you’re unsure of a route.  I highly recommend supporting this app and what it stands for; trail access and safe use.  Who knows, it may just save your gift receiver’s life some day.

Hopefully this list helps you in your gift-grabbing journey! Stay muddy, and keep the rubber-side down out there.