Welcome to Mudbutts.

Our reputation is waterproof, too.

We're proud to say that we made the top product list in NSMB.com's favourite products of 2020!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this seat cover fit my vehicle?
The Mudbutt was created to be a universal fit and is large enough to ensure any passenger vehicle seat is covered. 

Is this safe to use with heated seats during winter?
Yes it is! No problems whatsoever.

Does a Mudbutt interfere with side air bags or any other airbags?
No it does not interfere with any air bag deployment.

Can my dog sit on this?
ABSOLUTELY! But you also must send us pictures of your cute doggo.

Will this seat cover make me a faster runner/cyclist?
Yes. The answer is yes. (not substantiated, don't sue us. We believe in you).

Where are Mudbutts made?
Mudbutts are made in an ethically sourced and SGS-audited factory in Guangdong, China, after being designed in the rugged mountains around BC.

Any questions? We're in Squamish, give us a shout HERE!


"Essential for any all season adventurer, worth its value the first time you need it."



"You're doing great, that Muddy cover thing is just wonderful.  Why don't you come around for dinner more often? And are you still doing that crazy downhill bicycle stuff?"



When the mud was dry I literally just wiped off the prints with my hand and it was clean enough for others to sit on! An amazing product you've made. It's saved my back seat many times already!!

Dale, Ashcroft, BC